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Louis Vuitton Date Codes by Line type, SO type & Restoration Type


Date Codes by Line Type:

A2 (France):Mono Canvas, Epi
AA (France)Mono Canvas, Vernis, Damier Ebene
AR (France)Mono Canvas, CB, Damier Canvas, Epi, LV Cup
AS (France)Suhali, Epi, Vernis, Mini Lin
AX (France)Mono Canvas
BA (France)Mat Mono, Vernis, CB
BJ (France)Mat Mono, Epi, Vernis
BU (France)Mono Canvas
CA (Spain)Mono Canvas, CB, Epi, Mini Mono, Vernis, MC, Damier Canvas, Mat Mono, Damier Azur, Suhali, Glace, Groom
CB (-)Mono Ambre
CE (Italy)Vernis, Damier Sauvage
CR (Spain)Damier Canvas
CT (France)Mono Canvas, Cerises, Mono Groom, Damier Canvas
DU (France)Mono Canvas, Mono Mirage, Damier Canvas
ET (France)Mono Canvas
FC (USA)Mono Canvas
FA (Switzerland)Monte Carlo Loafer
FH (USA)Mono Canvas
FL (France)Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Mono Denim, Epi
FO (Italy)Damier Lune, Paris
JA (France)Patent sandal from 2009 RTW
KU (-)Taiga desk set
LA (USA)Monogram
LM (Spain):Mat Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Suhali
LW (Spain)Vernis
MA (Italy)Balmoral Heels
MI (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Mat Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Damier Azur, Mono Dentelle, MC, Damier Centenaire, Mono Perfo, Cerises
MB (France)Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas, Mono Charms, Mono Motard
RA (France)Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
RC (Italy)Mono Denim, Nimbus
RI (France)Vernis, Tobago
SD (USA & France)Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur
SL (France)Mono Canvas, MC
SN (France)MC Wish Bracelet, Mini Mono Wish Bracelet, Vernis Wish Bracelet
SP (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Cerises, Damier Azur, Mono Perfo, Mirage, Mini Lin
SR (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, MC, Mono Satin, Epi, Vernis
TH (France)CB, MC, Vernis, Mat Mono, Suhali, Damier Canvas, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Mini, Epi, Mono Leopard
VI (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Damier Azur
VX (-):Mono garment bag born in April 1988

Date Codes as seen on SO Items:

AAS 11339 (France)SO Epi item
DU (France)SO Damier Looping
AAS… (France)Mono wallet

Date Codes as seen on Re-lined/Re-stored Items:

DK 1047(France)
DK 4077(France)
DK 2907(France)

Also: DK1068

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