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About Us

Being born in France, my adoration of luxury lead me to love Louis Vuitton more than any other luxury designers. Restoring used handbags has made it affordable. Everyone deserves luxury and I have made it my mission to make sure it is within their reach. My #1 goal is my customers complete satisfaction. My company is global and I ship worldwide. My store accepts Paypal and other major credit cards and I am easy to do business with. 

I possess many skills that have allowed me to offer the following services on Louis Vuitton products. DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Louis Vuitton or their store products.  My LV items are all pre-owned, restored or vintage & upcycled. I only work on authentic bags.

UPCYCLED LV BAGS: I adore vintage everything! I get a rush when taking an idea and watching it come to life. I love to create, design, and breath new life into damaged vintage Louis Vuitton bags.  Creating new items out of and old bag brings me so much joy as each piece I create is unique and different then the rest. No two pieces are ever alike which makes each piece an origina work of art.

AGENDA PLANNER CUSTOM LAMINATED INSERTS: I thoroughly enjoy plunging my creativity into making unique customized laminated dashboards, page markers, and adorable book marks for millions of you who own a Louis Vuitton agenda planner. Why do boring when you can do extraordinary?!? I love to take my work to another level by adding silk ribbons or finishing laminated projects with sparkly glitter. In this category, my motto is to leave a little sparkle wherever I go. 

CUSTOM PAINTED ARTWORK FOR LV BAGS: I have expanded my talent to the trendier edge of fashion by custom painting unique designs on LV bags that my customers send.  Please follow me on Instagram and YouTube to watch my work come to life through a variety of different videos that my customers can view.

LEATHER DYE SERVICES FOR LV BAGS: I offer custom dye services for LV handbags that are in dire need of a facelift.  I dye & seal the vachetta leather on handbags and turn old or damaged leather into works of art. I use high quality dyes & sealers.  The dye method is permanent and will not fade, chip, or peel. The pefect option to saving a bag that would otherwise be retired.

RESTORATIONS/CLEANING SERVICES FOR LV BAGS: I love to buy authentic, vintage LV pieces and enjoy breathing new life into them. I do full or partial restorations depending on the condition of these beauties. I also sell & consign pre-loved handbags and have gone global with my selling services.



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